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Symobi is primarily an RTOS for embedded applications. But there are many people who just want to know what Symobi is and how it looks. For this reason we decided to make a live demo freely available. Please understand it that way - as a live demo! This is not a fully functional OS that can replace your current OS. Nevertheless, we plan to extend the possibilities of the live demo further in the future. For this reason, your feedback is highly appreciated. But please keep in mind that this is a pure demo of an embedded RTOS and please do not write things like "this OS is crap since I cannot run [your favourite application] on it". Thank you!

Symobi 1.2 for x86

Platform: standard PC
Processor: Pentium, P-II, P-III, P4, Core and compatibles
Precondition: bootable CD/DVD drive

Download now!

Filetype: ZIP-compressed ISO
Size: 9.8 MB

Download VMware .VMX


Symobi 1.2 for Pegasos II / ODW

Platform: ODW (Open Desktop Workstation) with Pegasos II
Processor: PowerPC G4
Precondition: OF version 1.2 (20040810112413) and ATI Radeon 9250

Download now!

Filetype: ZIP-compressed ISO
Size: 5.1 MB

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